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Terms of Sales


Object :

The purpose of these Terms of Sale is to define the contractual relationship between skiyak and the buyer and the applicable terms and conditions effected through the Skiyak website.

Acquisition or subscription of a service through this site implies an unconditional acceptance by the purchaser of these terms of sale.

These terms of sale shall prevail over any other terms or special conditions not expressly approved by Skiyak.

Skiyak reserves the right to change its terms of sale at any time. In this case, the conditions applicable will be those in force on the date of the order by the buyer.

Physical shape:

You must be fit enough to practice the reserved performance and not have contraindications to the practice of sliding sports and these activities in mountains.



The prices in the sales media (website, brochures, catalogue) are inclusive prices in Euros including French VAT if it is applicable on the services on the day of the order. In the event of a change in legislation and rate, it may be passed on to the price of products or services.

Our courses services are not subject to VAT. Skiyak reserves the right to change its prices at any time, but on the understanding that the price listed in the catalogue on the day of the order will be the only price applicable to the purchaser. The prices shown do not include the additional costs of the services.

Group or shared lesson prices are per person, private tuition is per day / morning / afternoon, not with standing the number of people attending, up to a maximum of 6.


Are not included in ski course rates:

  • Tickets for ski lifts

  • insurance

  • Rental equipment


For the Meeting:

It is at your hotel or cottage however if you prefer to meet at the foot of the ski lifts of Val d'Isère between Solaise and Bellevarde this is possible.


A purchaser who wishes to purchase a product, courses or service must:

- Complete the online order form with all references of the selected products or services.– Valider sa commande après l’avoir vérifiée.

- Make the payment under the terms and conditions.

- Confirm order and payment.

The confirmation of the order entails acceptance of these conditions of sale, recognition of full knowledge of them and waiver of the right to avail oneself of its own conditions of purchase or other conditions. All the data provided and the recorded confirmation will be worth proof of the transaction. The confirmation will be signed and accepted, Skiyak will email the confirmation and abstract of the saved order.



For off-piste services, safety equipment is included per member (airbag backpack  ABS or Reactor, probe, shovel, Avalanche Tranceiver).

Terms of payment:

The cashing of the purchaser’s services will be translated into the following steps:

  • Deposit payment of the 30% of the total value before the tuition for confirmation

  • Payment of the balance the day before the last day of the tuition.

At the customer’s request, a paper invoice will be sent to the customer.

Payment of the services only by:

* € Cash (Euros)

* Bank transfer in € (Euros) with the transaction costs payed by the client

* Online payment, Paypal, Stripe in € (Euros)


Insurance :

We cannot substitute for individual civil liability.

Clients are sole responsible for their liability in case of accident, and for their equipment, and are strongly advised to hold cancellation, search and rescue and private liability insurance.

The instructor’s tuition is covered by its own Professional Civil Liability.


Cancellation from you:

• It is possible to cancel your reservation under the following conditions:

If the cancellation is sent at least 30 days before the date of the service, then the entire deposit will be refunded to the client.

If the cancellation is transmitted within the 30 days, then the deposit will be kept by skiyak.

If the cancellation is sent at the last moment (less than 48 hours) and Skiyak does not find customers to replace your booking, then all benefits will be retained or/and paid.

--> However, if the cancellation transmitted within 48 hours and Skiyak finds other customers to replace it, then don’t pay !​


Cancellation from me:

If Skiyak has to cancel a benefit for reasons beyond my control, then Skiyak will be able to see alternatives to the current tariff, or full refund of the amounts paid. No compensation will be paid.


Refund :

Refunds will not be given in the case of cancellations due to illness or accidents, and it is the client’s responsibility to be properly insured for such events, as well as against any risks arising from the practice of such sports as skiing, snowboarding and ski-touring.

No full or partial refund will be made in the event of cancellation of the services due to reasons beyond my control such as broken lifts, bad weather, sick customer, late customer, accident or other causes beyond Skiyak’s control.

Exclusion :

Skiyak reserves the right to exclude at any time a person whose behaviour is likely to disturb the course of teaching. In this case, the customer will not be entitled to any refund.

  • Special information COVID19: For all bookings subject to cancellation due to COVID-19, all amounts paid will be, on presentation of a receipt (such as a medical certificate or a copy of an institutional decision) :

    • Deferred if possible otherwise refunded.

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