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We also recommend wearing the helmet for all, wrists and impact shorts for snowboarders.

Always wear warm, dry and comfortable clothes and ideally thermal clothing.


Imperative equipment: gloves, sunscreen, sunglasses or a ski mask.

We recommend storing your shoes in a warm, dry place at night and make sure you are comfortable in them. Only one pair of socks is enough.

Information safety:

Enjoy the mountains with confidence and safety with a professional !

Anticipate climate change throughout the day with adapted clothing.

All off-piste exits include a “safety pack” (Tranceiver, probe, shovel) provided by Skiyak. The instructor is also equipped with a radio to trigger the rescue on « Sécurité Vanoise ».

With Skiyak, all off-piste introductory sessions include an introduction to using your safety equipment.

Activity in mountain:

The mountains are very accessible, but basics roles must be respected.

The safety:

​optimization of security through analysis of various things:

  • The weather report and avalanche risk of the day

  • Know the route

  • Avoid the risks

  • to have equipment adjusted well

  • respect the priorities

After a good breakfast, you’re ready for a good day !

The material:

Personal equipment is one of the links of the chain that will give you a good or bad stay. When it comes to shoes, you don’t have to wait until the last moment to change your waist before you get the wounds.

The pair of skiing must be adapted to the quality of the snow, wide skiing for the powder maker, small shelves for carving.

Nice ski off piste this week with raph.j


Snow probe + Shovel



Reactor / ABS

vue globale.jpg






Radio VHF Motorola

Analog & Digital


The equipment is included in the off-track courses:

  • 1 Avalanche tranceiver

  • 1 Snow shovel

  • 1 Snow probe

The tranceivers are of the last generation, the "MAMMUT" Snow Puls is three antennas very fast and efficient, fun and easy to use.

The snow shovel and aluminium probe are foldable and light.


The latest technology in the "airbag" backpack system that optimizes safety for the rider to the maximum.

In addition to personal safety equipment, the Air-bag backpack is included with us.

Its inflation is actuated by a handle on a shoulder of the backpack that releases the air and inflates the 2 balloons in 3 seconds.

The Airbag system:

  • Reduces the risk of snow submersion

  • Decrease the impacts

  • Available volume of the variable bag (between 15 and 35 L)

If used, the air cartridge must be replaced to be ready for use.


In addition to personal safety equipment (Tranceiver + shovel + probe + Airbag), the instuctor is equipped with:

  • 1 first aid kit

  • 1 radio VHF  with channel "Sécurité Vanoise" to activate the help rescue.

  • 1 SOS memo

  • IGN mountain map

  • 1 Radio for the clients


We use a private relay to keep contact throughout the area.

Radios in the group for safety and comfort.

  • 1 radio VHF  with channel "Security Vanoise" to activate the help rescue

  • 1 SOS memo

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